Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Save The Date Cards

I just thought I would do a quick post on the all important Save The Date cards.

Often overlooked, these are an important tool when planning your wedding.

Unless you are made out of ice, I know that planning a wedding can be a stressful affair (been there, done that!).

Often you don't know where to start and before you know it you are running out of time and feel overwhelmed by it all.

However, if you book in with a deposit early, then send your Save The Date cards out, you will have nothing to worry about.

The Save The Date card is an inexpensive way to let all your guests know of your special day, kindly asking them to keep the date free for your celebrations.

If you send these 6 - 12 months in advance you can be assured that all your important guests have plenty of time to make travel arrangements and keep time in their diaries for you.

You then have plenty of time to work out the ceremony and all other details.

And because you have booked in early with a deposit you won't have to stress about not getting your stationery in time. With all confirmed bookings we can work on a much shorter turn-around time.
As soon as we receive your deposit, we order your papers, ribbon etc and book you a slot in our busy print queue. That means, when you have all details confirmed & approve your print proofs we are all ready to rock and you will have your invitations produced within 10 working days (not including delivery time).

So there is absolutely no reason to stress - leave all the hard work up to us while you enjoy planning your wedding (rather than losing hair over it!)

The beauty of starting off with your Save The Date cards and having them done by the same professional stationer who will produce your wedding invitations is that you get to introduce your wedding theme early and your entire stationery range will match from start to finish.

If, at the start, you are unsure of what your favourite design may be, we will just keep it simple and stylish for the Save The Date cards and perhaps just go with your initials in a beautiful script, your wedding date and a brief message.

Having your stationery done professionally will ensure that your guest will feel that they are invited to a one-of-a-kind special event from the day they open the envelope of the Save The Date card.

Save The Date cards only cost AU$3 and that includes a magnet on the back and a matching envelope.

For that price don't even think about getting your hands dirty and stress about making them yourself. It really isn't worth the hassle on your part. I know for a fact that although it may sound easy, cutting paper straight, printing in high quality and having a professional looking card without fingerprints and glue marks is a tough task for most. I have had many brides come to me, in tears, AFTER they spent big $$$ at the paper shop thinking they could DIY only to have their home printer splatter ink & eat up their cards, wishing they had come to us earlier.

My expert advise -Don't do it! You wouldn't cut your own hair either - but then again you might, if you are happy to live with the consequences :)

So what are you waiting for??

your designer @ The Peppertree Collection


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