Monday, November 14, 2011

Ladies First

We get asked this a bit...

"Does the female's name go first on the invitation or the male's name?"

When writing the invitations, traditionally it was the bride's parents that hosted the wedding and the wording would read something like this...

"Norma and Michael Smith request the pleasure of the company of Jane & John to celebrate the wedding of their daughter, Lisa-Marie to Johnathan, son of Barbara and Beorge Bell."

From that we take "Lisa-Marie & Johnathan" for the front of the invitation and the couple's logo or monogram.

However, in other parts, especially Europe, it is common that the male partner's name appears first on the front of the invitation and so you would see "Johnathan & Lisa-Marie" instead.

Today it is more common that both sets of parents are hosting the wedding or even that the couple on their own are throwing the party.

There are as many options and choices available as the universe is wide so, as with all things wedding, it is about choosing according to your personal preference while adhering to some sort of etiquette in order not to offend any of the involved. However, at the end of the day it's your day so you need to be happy, first and foremost :)

For us, it will always be "Ladies First", unless you specifically request something else.

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